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  • Our research entails the development and application of instrumental tools for studying exchanges of gases between different types of landscapes and landuse forms and the atmosphere. A major component of this work is field experimental research. We are currently mainating six remote field experiments that acquire data continuously, with our role mostly being the remote control of these experiments via computerized tools and network connections. More detailed descriptions of these projects can be viewed at: http://instaar.colorado.edu/arl/index.html http://instaar.colorado.edu/pico/ http://instaar.colorado.edu/arl/boulder_reservoir.html#monitoring Our group is home of the monitoring program for Volatile Organic Compound in the global atmosphere, see: http://instaar.colorado.edu/arl/Global_VOC.html


  • Biosphere-atmosphere trace gas fluxes and their environmental controls, emissions of biogenic volatile organic compounds (BVOC) from vegetation; atmospheric transport; deposition processes and atmospheric chemistry; polar snow-atmosphere gas exchange processes; development, analytical tools for field research; urban atmospheres and hazardous pollution; intercontinental atmospheric transport, impacts of oil and gas development on air quality; editor in chief of peer-reviewed journal Elementa


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