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  • The central focus of my research is on the connection between neighborhood environments and health and how physical features (e.g., design, amenities, services), natural features, and social factors at the neighborhood scale influence health and mental well-being. My research encompasses two major areas: 1) the examination of green space at the neighborhood scale and its impact on populations using community gardens as a model for understanding how people interact with green space and the health and social benefits that result from these interactions; and 2) the systems, policies and environments more generally that support active, healthy, and socially meaningful lifestyles and in particular, the effectiveness of policy collaboratives in advancing systems-, environmental-, and policy-level changes to support food security, nutrition, physical activity, and active lifestyles.


  • connections between the built and natural environments and health, how the built and natural environments shape place-based processes and health behaviors, applied policy research on the effectiveness of health collaboratives on advancing environmental and policy change, understanding the political, policy and programmatic elements to building bikeable and walkable communities


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