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  • Dr. Litt has bridged her training and early work in environmental monitoring, chemical exposures, healthy housing and brownfield redevelopment with research to understand the health promoting effects of community design and specifically how neighborhood environments and local behavior settings influence health behaviors and health. Dr. Litt’s recent work has led to a deeper understanding of constructs such as collective efficacy, place attachment, and environmental aesthetics as important intervening mechanisms in healthy eating and active living across the lifespan. Her housing research, which involved mono-lingual Spanish-speaking families, shed light on the complex factors that shape housing-related safety and health behaviors. Finally, Dr. Litt is involved in physical activity and food-related research and the role of networks in advancing related environment and policy changes and the policy, political, and programmatic elements of bikable and walkable communities.


  • connections between the built and natural environments and health, how the built and natural environments shape place-based processes and health behaviors, applied policy research on the effectiveness of health collaboratives on advancing environmental and policy change, understanding the political, policy and programmatic elements to building bikeable and walkable communities


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