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  • Dr. Fladd's research focuses on the Southwest United States, specifically the prehispanic Pueblos of the Four Corners region. Topically, she is interested in the ways social groups negotiate their identities through relationships to their spatial setting, incorporating traditional architectural approaches with studies of depositional practices and room decommissioning. Additionally, she is part of an interdisciplinary team examining water management strategies, specifically canals. She has conducted fieldwork in Chaco Canyon, northeastern Arizona, and southwestern Colorado and maintains ongoing research in these areas. In addition to her fieldwork, Dr. Fladd utilizes archival records and museum collections in her research frequently and is particularly interested in the history of archaeology and the creation of digital archives.


  • archaeology of the Pueblo southwest, western Pueblo ethnohistory, Homol’ovi Settlement Cluster, Hopi, Chaco Canyon, architecture, deposition, ritual and religion, practice theory, spatial analysis, social identity, social memory, power, assemblage-based analyses, sociopolitical organization


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