(Argrow, Brian M - 2012) -- BFA Award for Excellence in Leadership and Service uri icon



  • Professor Argrow has established a significant and sustained record of service to the Department of Aerospace Engineering Sciences, the College of Engineering and Applied Science, and the University of Colorado. “Unselfish” is the word that best defines his service philosophy, which he describes as “built upon the understanding and acceptance that I can never fully repay those whose unselfish service has enabled my full access to an adult life of freedom, with an education and a career of my choice, a career that enables unselfish service.”
    A respected educator and researcher, Professor Argrow has integrated a long list of service accomplishments as associate department chair, associate dean for education, former Alfred and Betty Look Professor of Engineering, and co-founder and director of the Research and Engineering Center for Unmanned Vehicles (RECUV). He is a member and chair of many national review boards and panels, including the NASA Advisory Council, the NOAA Advisory Committee, and the Air Force Scientific Advisory Board. In addition, he finds time to participate in outreach programs that benefit students, their parents, and high school teachers.

year awarded

  • 2012