(Cumalat, John P - 2013) -- BFA Award for Excellence in Leadership and Service uri icon



  • John Cumalat joined the Department of Physics in 1981. In 1996 he was named chair of Physics, serving in that role for a dozen years. Under his leadership, the Department of Physics blossomed as one of the top programs in the country and established an international reputation for its contributions to the field. Professor Cumalat oversaw the hiring and development of more than a third of the present faculty members, many of whom have become world-class researchers. Professor Cumalat’s leadership of and advocacy for his faculty contributed to extraordinary recognition: Physics faculty and staff won more than 150 awards, including three Nobel Prizes, during his tenure.
    Beyond the department, Professor Cumalat has lent his experience and expertise to numerous important campus-wide initiatives, including service on the steering committee for the Flagship 2030 strategic planning process. He currently serves as chair of the Department of Religious Studies.
    In addition to being a model campus citizen, Professor Cumalat is a highly effective teacher who has also maintained a high level of scholarly excellence. A world leader in high-energy physics, Professor Cumalat was named a fellow of the American Physical Society in 1992.

year awarded

  • 2013