(Toomre, Juri - 2009) -- Professor of Distinction uri icon



  • A scholar of international stature, Professor Toomre is recognized for his outstanding scholarship in theoretical astrophysics and for his tireless contributions to the intellectual life of the department. He is keenly interested in the craft of teaching and has devised innovative web-based tools to enhance learning in several classes. A professor of astrophysics at CU-Boulder since 1975 and a fellow at JILA, Toomre’s research efforts have led to new perspectives in the theoretical work on fluid dynamics. Professor Toomre is an international leader in astrophysical fluid dynamics and an expert on the oscillations of the sun. He has written seminal research papers and review articles, including cover articles for Science and Scientific American.
    Professor Toomre served as vice-chair of the Solar Observatory Council of AURA (Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy) with oversight for the National Solar Observatory and has been a member and chair of the Space Telescope Institute Council that oversees the Hubble Space Telescope operations. He is chair of the Global Oscillation Network Group’s scientific advisory committee and chairs the national AURA Decadal Survey Steering Committee dealing with UVOIR astronomy.

year awarded

  • 2009