(Grace, Carmen - 2015) -- BFA Award for Excellence in Leadership and Service uri icon



  • Dr. Grace is the organizational pillar of the language program in the Department of French and Italian, managing all aspects of course distribution, revising curriculum, advising undergraduate students, and directing outreach and fundraising events to support the cultural productions of the department. She also manages pedagogical and career training for graduate students and provides guidance when needed. After 30 years in the department, Grace continues to develop and participate in extracurricular events that provide students with opportunities to use and enjoy the French they have worked hard to learn, including French Table, French Club and French Musical. Grace is dedicated to the Community-based learning and service that are essential to prepare students for successful careers.
    Grace has chaired numerous campus-level committees and has been very involved in the work of the Boulder Faculty Assembly. Improving relations between the faculty and intercollegiate athletics has been a core goal of the assembly. To that end, Grace encouraged her colleagues to think about how to highlight the accomplishments of student-athletes and faculty members, a suggestion that culminated in the successful annual spring event Spotlight on Celebration.

year awarded

  • 2015