(Braider, Christopher - 2010) -- BFA Award for Excellence in Leadership and Service uri icon



  • Professor Braider is a humanist in the broadest sense; he is both a scholar of the humanities and an individual who brings a depth of feeling for human welfare to his service. His optimistic outlook has been an asset during his multiple terms as department chair and his service on numerous committees not only at all levels of the university but also at the national level. His many contributions typify service that is largely indistinguishable from the best scholarship and teaching.
    Professor Braider brought rigorous principles of democracy, consultation, and shared governance to bear as chair of his department. He played a key role in the establishment of the Center for Humanities and Arts and has been one of the most important representatives of the humanities on various campus-level groups working to improve education and scholarship at CU-Boulder. At the national level, he has served on the executive committee for 17th-century French literature of the Modern Language Association. In his words, “Especially in an institution like ours, which expressly embraces the principle of faculty governance and thus a shared responsibility for the common good of faculty, students, and staff alike, service is a natural function, as indispensable and, ideally, as autonomic as breathing.” Professor Braider has been a member of the CU-Boulder faculty since 1992.

year awarded

  • 2010