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  • Professor Kociolek’s research focuses on the taxonomy, systematics, evolution and ecology of diatoms—microscopic plants that live in marine and freshwater ecosystems. Worldwide, these organisms produce more oxygen through photosynthesis than all the rainforests combined, and they produce lipids, molecules that store energy, making them of interest as renewable biofuels. Kociolek studies both living and fossil species of diatoms and currently is looking at freshwater diatoms in California, Colorado, China, Africa, Europe and Lake Baikal in Russia.
    In addition to his teaching role, Kociolek heads CU Boulder’s Museum of Natural History. As a visiting Fulbright scholar in Szczecin, Poland, he will continue his research on algal biofuels, diatoms and phylogenetic bioprospecting.

year awarded

  • 2015