(Neupauer, Roseanna M. - 2015) -- Traditional Fulbright Scholarship uri icon



  • Professor Neupauer specializes in hydrology engineering, water resources and environmental fluid mechanics. She is particularly interested in researching groundwater flow and transport modeling, stream-aquifer interaction, groundwater remediation and chaotic advection, a state-of-the-art approach to investigating transport and mixing problems in fluid flows. As a President’s Teaching Scholar, she has helped to research, establish and develop individual, departmental and campus-wide projects to assess classroom learning, cultivate engaged teaching and learning, integrate research into teaching and provide more effective mentoring. You can find her original rap explaining Darcy’s Law of Hydrogeology on YouTube.
    Professor Neupauer spent her fellowship in Guayaquil, Ecuador. Her project title is “Water Management Evaluation in Coastal Surface Water and Groundwater Systems.”

year awarded

  • 2015