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  • Rahul Nandkishore, associate professor of physics at the University of Colorado Boulder, has been named a 2021 Simons Fellow in Theoretical Physics.

    He is one of five theoretical physicists nationwide to win this honor, which supports academic leaves for researchers for up to one year, allowing them to focus solely on research for the “long periods often necessary for significant advances” in their disciplines.

    Nandkishore, whose research focuses on the search for emergent phenomena in quantum many-body systems (microscopic systems made of many, interacting particles), plans to use his sabbatical year three ways:
    o make new breakthroughs in many-body quantum mechanics; to develop a new theoretical direction exploring many body physics in the context of pump-probe experiments on solid-state materials; and to renew his research effort in (equilibrium) solid state physics by collaborating closely with the Stanford experimental group.

year awarded

  • 2021