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  • Improving searches of digital collections at Aalto University in Helsinki was the focus of Professor Lindquist’s Fulbright work. She worked with the Semantic Computing Research Group at Aalto University to explore how to enhance discovery in digital collections of primary sources. She explored the research potential of linked data, a method of structuring Web content that allows computers automatically to read and connect information from different sources. This approach could vastly improve researchers’ ability to locate relevant information. Professor Lindquist, who is the librarian for History and Germanic and Slavic Languages and Literatures, used CU’s World War I Collection online as test material for her project.
    Professor Lindquist’s research interests range from electronic library resources for teaching and research in early modern studies to early modern English religious and diplomatic history. A member of the faculty since 2004, she has served as the library liaison for the Center for British and Irish Studies, the Center for the Medieval and Early Modern Studies, and the Center for the American West.

year awarded

  • 2011