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Guruswamy, Lakshman Professor Emerita/Emeritus


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  • Lakshman Guruswamy's research is primarily focused on the 'energy poor' who number almost 1.5 billion people. They have little or no access to modern energy for cooking, heating, water sanitation, illumination, transportation, or basic mechanical needs. His work defines the relevance of law in delineating conceptual and practical answers as to why and how law is of foundational and operational importance in forging political, social, economic, engineering and technological solutions. Lakshman's work makes a rational and coherent case for using international and national laws for this purpose. His work fills a significant interdisciplinary gap in the existing literature by providing theoretical, philosophical, and technological examinations of the issues surrounding poverty, and makes the case for access to energy using non-hydrocarbon, affordable sustainable energy technologies (ASETs).


  • international environmental law, energy, poverty, sustainable development, oil, international law, international relations


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