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Dauverd, Celine Associate Professor


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  • Dauverd's work focuses on the intersection between imperialism, migration, religious culture, and trade in the early modern Mediterranean. She studies the establishment of economic and cultural linkages between Italian traders and the Spanish crown; the predominant role of religion in politics and economics, and the function of southern Italy as one of the nodes of both Spanish imperialism and Italian commercial hegemony. Dauverd's second focuses on Spanish religious culture in southern italy during the Renaissance, assessing how the Spanish viceroys contributed to religious rituals through the principle of 'good government' over 200 years. This work aims at examining imperial management and international relations through cultural history. Dauverd's third book project examines the temporal jurisdiction of the papacy during the conquest of North Africa (Algeria, Morocco, and Tunisia) working on Vatican Library documents forwarding the method of 'religious imperium'.


  • Merchants and empires in early modern Europe and the Mediterranean; Italian merchants; The Habsburg crown; Golden Age Spain; Economic and cultural implications of migration in Renaissance Italy, Cross-cultural relations between Muslims and Christians in XV century Turkey; Spanish religious culture in early modern times; rituals and processions in renaissance Italy; international relations in premodern Europe; papacy temporal jurisdiction; conquest of North Africa 16th c.


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