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  • The most recent tailing impoundment failures have raised the profile of the geotechnical engineering work and its importance for the mining industry. The importance of proper geotechnical characterization of tailings materials, determination of laboratory parameters and the selection of adequate methods to analyze tailings impoundments have been emphasized by recent efforts from the mining companies, consultants and government agencies (e.g. Global Industry Standard on Tailings Management issued in August 2020). The research at the University of Colorado includes efforts to develop, improve and popularize best practices involving tailings materials. The research is focused on laboratory testing of tailings materials with an emphasis on determination of material parameters governing consolidation and creep. In addition, the conducted research includes improvement of numerical models for consolidation and creep and stability analyses of tailings impoundments.


  • Testing and modelling of materials subjected to large strain consolidation and creep, Stability of tailings embankments


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