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Rozner, Eric John Assistant Professor


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  • My interests are computer systems in general, with an emphasis on datacenter networking, wireless network management, and mobile computing. My research focuses on datacenter network management. I built tools and platforms that can be used to ensure the operational efficiency of networks as they increase in size, speed, and complexity. I have built tools to minimize network congestion, debug the network, enforce consistent routing updates, and virtualize congestion control in multi-tenant datacenters. I also enjoy working on mobile computing projects, where I generally focus on how to enable rich interactions between humans and their co-located devices. I also work on wireless network management. I implemented tools to address the fundamental challenges of wireless communication. I also have an interest in edge computing. In general, I enjoy designing simple solutions to practical issues. I strive to implement my research in realistic environments.


  • Computer networking, datacenter networking, wireless networking, cloud computing, mobile computing, edge computing, network management



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