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Ibacache Oliva, Kathia Salome Assistant Professor


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  • The author has two areas of research: 1) The use of language learning apps by academic librarians and employees working in an academic library seeking to understand the type of language technology support academic library employees need to learn a language by identifying areas of deficiency and strength in language learning apps. 2) Collection development: a) the use of the Suggest a Library Purchase program to understand patrons' collection needs, offer patron satisfaction, and be aware of trends in books and other materials; b) the creation of inclusive and diverse collections focusing on the representation of Latin American indigenous languages and cultures topics, especialy if these materials have been written or produced by indegenous authors; 3) the benfits of enlarging book vendor relationships to include those from Latin American countries with an affluent publising profile.


  • mobile learning, mobile assisted language learning, collection development, collection development programs (Suggest a library purchase program), inclusive collections, Latin American indigenous languages collections, Latin American indegenous authors



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