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Ranganath, Aditya



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  • As a political scientist, Ranganath is interested in exploring how the complex interrelationships between capitalism, democracy, and technological change affect world politics. He is also interested in the political economy of big data, data science, and automation (particularly with a view towards exploring the extent to which Marx's writings on the relationship between capitalism, technology, and automation can cast light on the contemporary societal ramifications of these technological developments). As a librarian, Ranganath is interested in how national-level institutional, legal, regulatory, and political-economic arrangements shape the workings (both economic and academic) of academic libraries in different national contexts. He is also interested in the role of academic libraries in supporting and facilitating data-intensive scholarly collaborations that span international borders, and the international political, legal, and economic implications of these collaborations.


  • International and Comparative Political Economy; the Political Economy of Big Data, Automation, and Algorithmic Decision-Making; the Political Economy of Libraries and Scholarly Communication; Spatial Approaches to Social Science; Marx