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Kelsie, Amber

Assistant Professor


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  • Rhetoric, Media Studies, Black Studies, Native Studies, Critical Science and Technology Studies, Philosophy, Trans and Queer Studies, Gender Studies, Critical Cultural Studies



courses taught

  • COMM 2320 - The Craft of Argument
    Primary Instructor - Fall 2022
    Focuses on the practice of argumentation in public life with attention to how the process of critical thinking leads to the invention of arguments. Students use argumentation theory to craft ethical and well-reasoned appeals and to critically evaluate the arguments of others. Formerly COMM 3310.
  • COMM 3000 - Issues in Communication
    Primary Instructor - Spring 2023
    Explores select issues in communication. May be repeated up to 6 total credit hours on different issues. Recommended prerequisites: COMM 1210 and COMM 1600.
  • COMM 4300 - Senior Seminar: Rhetoric
    Primary Instructor - Fall 2022
    Requires students to synthesize and demonstrate what they've learned in the major. Please refer to the specific description listed for the current semester. Each seminar will vary greatly in format and content.


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