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Said, Wadie



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research overview

  • My research has largely been in the area of American national security law and criminal law and procedure, with an emphasis on criminal prosecutions and foreign policy. I have also written about immigration law's role in driving foreign policy. More recently, I have also explored international criminal law and the Arab world, as well as the laws of the Arab countries regarding terrorism. My most current research is a book-length project reviewing the history and content of American law as it relates to the question of Palestine.


  • Criminal Procedure, Evidence, International Human Rights Law, Law and the Arab World, Palestinian Law and Politics



courses taught

  • LAWS 5503 - Criminal Law
    Primary Instructor - Spring 2024
    Studies statutory and common law of crimes and defenses, the procedures by which the law makes judgments as to criminality of conduct, the purposes of criminal law, and the constitutional limits upon it.
  • LAWS 7045 - Criminal Procedure: Adjudicative Process
    Primary Instructor - Spring 2024
    Focuses primarily on criminal procedure at and after trial. Looks at bail, prosecutorial discretion, discovery, plea bargaining, speedy trial, jury trial, the right to counsel at trial, double jeopardy, appeal and federal habeas corpus.


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