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Karouia, Fathi

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  • I have been working on several areas of research, planetary protection, astrobiology, space biology, human spaceflight, and space technologies, that seek to understand the molecular and cellular mechanisms associated with space adaptation based on a systemic approach of biological systems to characterized specific pathways and develop suitable countermeasures to sustain human spaceflight and space explorations. These activities are either ground based using devices to simulate microgravity (Rotation wall vessels) or partial gravity (Lunar and Mars) and radiation or flight-based. For the latter, I have been involved to date with 18 flight experiments where either sample were collected from the International Space Station and the astronauts or biological systems were exposed to space environment for different durations and experimental conditions. Finally, I have been at the forefront in the development of analytical capabilities to conduct space experiments. As such, I have been involved in the development of high throughput-based prototypes to conduct in situ omics analysis in space. These platforms could be easily implemented within nanosatellites, the ISS, the gateway, and lunar landers.


  • Astrobiology, Planetary Protection, Space Biology, Human Spaceflight, Space Technology, Multi-omics, Microbiology, Flight Projects, Life Support System, In Situ Ressource Utlization, Astronaut's health, Space Radiation, Countermeasure Development, Entrepreneurship

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