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  • As a Fulbright scholar in Oxford, England, Professor Regueiro continued previous research he had undertaken with Dr. Harvey Bud of Oxford’s Department of Engineering Science. In his work, Regueiro develops mathematical simulations of the deformation and failure of various thin porous materials, ranging from sandstone, soil and concrete to soft biological tissues, including particularly the human eye’s ocular lens capsule. The results of his research clearly have wide application, including understanding structural failures and treating people with cataracts and other eye diseases. While in England, Regueiro came to value the interdisciplinary collaboration across Oxford’s 38 colleges, an experience that has encouraged him to meet more faculty and students from a wider range of disciplines at CU-Boulder.
    Regueiro received his doctorate in civil and environmental engineering from Stanford University. Before joining the CU-Boulder faculty in 2005, he worked as a member of the technical staff in Sandia National Labs in California.

year awarded

  • 2014