(Bickman, Martin - 2010) -- BFA Award for Excellence in Leadership and Service uri icon



  • Professor Bickman has worked tirelessly to bring the empowering effects of participatory, active learning to many communities. He has repeatedly provided presentations for CU-Boulder’s Faculty Teaching Excellence Program and the Presidential Teaching Scholars Program. For the English department, he has been indefatigable in training graduate instructors. For the School of Education, Professor Bickman was active in formulating the English Education Program, which prepares future K–12 teachers.
    In his role as director of the Service Learning Center, Professor Bickman has been instrumental in working with students and faculty to implement writing and literacy teaching programs at K-12 schools along Colorado’s Front Range. Among many other projects, his students have designed merry-go-rounds and other playground equipment that generate electricity for schools and worked with writers and artists of many ethnic backgrounds to reach out to at-risk students.
    Outside the university, Professor Bickman has worked to place undergraduates in Teach for America, served on a Montessori school board, and collaborated with the Boulder Valley School District in founding the New Vista High School in Boulder. For two summers, Professor Bickman has worked pro bono as the master literacy teacher at the Denver Summerbridge Program, training teachers for at-risk students. He has been a member of the CU-Boulder faculty since 1974.

year awarded

  • 2010