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  • Associate dean for graduate studies in the School of Education, Michele Moses is a philosopher of education concerned with education policy. Her research focuses on how democracy, equality and race intertwine in education.
    Professor Moses integrates student mentorship into her research, which is one reason she was awarded the Hazel Barnes Prize. In 2008 she invited graduate students to collaborate with a diverse group of scholars on a two-year research project examining a statewide ban on affirmative action that Colorado voters rejected. “It was an opportunity for mentoring and collaborating with my students, while integrating my discipline of philosophy into survey analysis, community dialogues and interviews of study participants,” she says. Moses emphasizes that this sort of collaboration allows her students “to experience a research project from inception to completion—including funding, researching, presenting and publishing.”
    In the true spirit of the Hazel Barnes Prize, Moses’s recently published book, Living with Moral Disagreement: The Enduring Controversy about Affirmative Action (2016), includes a chapter that she co-wrote with two CU Boulder doctoral students, Lauren Saenz and Amy Farley Lobue.

award or honor for

  • Moses, Michele S.  Vice Provost, Associate Vice Chancellor for Faculty Affairs, and Professor

year awarded

  • 2016