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Moses, Michele S. Vice Provost, Associate Vice Chancellor for Faculty Affairs, and Professor


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  • Michele S. Moses specializes in philosophy and education policy studies, with particular expertise in policy disagreements that involve moral and political values, particularly around race, ethnicity, gender, and sexuality. Her scholarship has appeared in journals such as American Educational Research Journal, Educational Researcher, Harvard Educational Review, and Journal of Social Philosophy. Dr. Moses has published three books: Embracing Race: Why We Need Race-Conscious Education Policy, Affirmative Action Matters: Creating Opportunities for Students around the World (with Laura D. Jenkins), and Living with Moral Disagreement: The Enduring Controversy about Affirmative Action. Her current scholarship examines the complexities of political strategies to dismantle affirmative action in higher education admissions, what it means to opt out of public education, and the controversies and disagreements over diversity of viewpoints, truth, and free speech on college campuses.


  • affirmative action, ballot initiatives, college access, race, gender and sexual diversity, democratic education, democratic theory, opting out of tests, reasonable disagreement, free speech on campus


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