(Hoover, Stewart M - 2018) -- ICA Fellow uri icon



  • Dr. Hoover’s research lies at the intersection of media audience studies, sociology of religion and religious studies, and the anthropology of religion. His contributions as a scholar, as a teacher and mentor, and as an institution builder have all been key factors in ensuring that communication and media scholarship have been able to play a central role in furthering the understanding of some of the most important challenges of the contemporary world. Having thoroughly examined the landscape of religious media in the late 20th century, he was able to bring a historically-grounded perspective to the study of the 21st century conditions wrought by the Internet and social media. He is the author, co-author, editor and co-editor of 12 books and more than 40 articles and book chapters. He has received more than US$2 million in grant funding in support of his research. His methodological range has encompassed quantitative survey studies and more qualitative field-based research as well as larger scale cultural and societal analyses. He has served as the founding President of the International Society for Media, Religion and Culture. Given the absolutely central role of religion as a social, cultural and political force in the modern world, it is gratifying that communication and media scholars are able to provide insight and wisdom that illuminate the challenges and opportunities we face. In this regard, he is unquestionably our leading scholar and representative.

year awarded

  • 2018