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  • During her fellowship year, Professor Farago, an art historian, conducted research at the University of York in the United Kingdom. Her project focused on Leonardo da Vinci’s Treatise on Paintings, an influential collection of the artist’s practical thoughts about painting. Professor Farago sought to understand why the Treatise, which was widely circulated in manuscript for decades, was finally published in 1651 in abridged form. Professor Farago, who teaches courses on Renaissance art history, early modern gender studies, art theory, and contemporary critical theory, also worked on curriculum development for CU-Boulder’s introductory course on World Art as part of her Fulbright project.
    Professor Farago’s areas of interest are Renaissance art theory, cultural exchange between Europe and the rest of the world, processes of globalization, critical historiography of the discipline, the materiality of the sacred, the history of style, museums and collecting practices, and the reception of art and ideas about art. She has been a MacGeorge fellow at the University of Melbourne, where she conducted research for the book she co-authored, Art Is Not What You Think It Is.

year awarded

  • 2011