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  • Professor Sheffield is the author of three novels: Gone, Fort Da: A Report and Helen Keller Really Lived, as well as various works of short fiction and a critical monograph on James Joyce. She is interested in language as a material and medium that translates and shapes our experience of the world and in language’s potential to create new linguistic spaces that leave readers disoriented.
    Her 2013–14 Fulbright Award project at the Queen’s University of Belfast in Northern Ireland was entitled “The Representation of Violence: The Violence of Representation in Contemporary Irish and American Fiction.” Two driving concerns appear in both her creative and critical work. The first is the problem of self and other. The second is the relation of representation to sex and gender ideology and how depictions of reality work to determine what is perceived as true about men, women, human nature and sexual identity.
    Professor Sheffield was a Fulbright lecturer at Christian-Albrechts-Universitt zu Kiel, Germany in 1999–2000, and received a prestigious National Endowment for the Arts Award for her fiction in 2012.

year awarded

  • 2013