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Sheffield, Elisabeth Associate Professor


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  • My primary interest is in writing novels. In both my creative and critical work, there are two driving concerns. The first is the problem of self and other (the “other” including not just the feminine and the foreigner, but also writing, death and absence). The second is the relation of representation to sex and gender ideology and “things as they are.” That is, how do our depictions of reality (in literature, and in language in general) work to determine what we perceive as “true” about men, about women, about human nature and sexual identity? I am interested in language as a material and medium that translates and shapes our experience of the world. I am also interested in language’s potential to create “worlds”—that is, new linguistic spaces that leave the reader disoriented and perhaps strangely energized upon her return to quotidian discourse.


  • Creative writing (ficiton), contemporary American, British, and Irish literature, postmodern and innovative literature, Irish modernism, Joyce and Beckett, poststructuralist and feminist theory



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