ASEN 4067 - Microavionics �� Introduction to PIC Microcontrollers for Aerospace Systems Course uri icon



  • Provide students an introduction into embedded systems that teaches a basic understanding about the fundamental architecture of a microcontroller and how it operates and interfaces with both sensors and actuators applicable to aerospace engineering. The goal of this course is to learn how to interface sensors to a PIC microcontroller, collect input, make decisions and take an action in real-time. To gain a full appreciation about how microcontrollers work, students develop their own software code using MPLAB X to program the development board hardware, which uses the Microchip PIC18F87K22 microcontroller as the foundation of the course. Students "learn by doing' through lab assignments and a semester final project. This includes programming in assembly language and then C, to collect data from external sources such as a serial terminal, temperature and rotary sensors, etc. and outputting results to a liquid crystal display (LCD), and sending commands to an actuator such as a servo. Previously offered as a special topics course. Same as ASEN 5067.