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Alhadeff, Albert Associate Professor


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  • Dr. Alhadeff's research focuses on the opening and closing decades of the 19th century in France and Belgium. Presently, Alhadeff has completed a long manuscript on Theodore Gericault, blacks and the slave trade---a study whose focus is on the 1820s and the politics surrounding slavery and abolitionism. He also has resumed work on a long-standing project with articles and lectures on Belgian and French late 19th century artists, Rodin, George Minne, James Ensor, and Maurice Denis, Maurice Maeterlinck and Emile Verhaeren. An ongoing interest by Alhadeff is theoretical questions affecting early modernist studies--research that strongly affects his classes on 19th and 20th century issues. Alhadeff's focus on European painting challenges his readiness to keep up with the ever expanding bibliography in the field--a fruitful task that extends as well to the High Renaissance and Michelangelo's oeuvre.


  • late eighteenth to late nineteenth century French painting and sculpture from Fragonard, David and the Impressionists to Rodin and Brancusi, late 19th century Belgian painting and sculpture, 20th century studies, Cubism, Dada, Surrealism, Italian Futurism, German Expressionism, Picasso studies, Renaissance sculpture and painting, the Quattrocento and Cinquecento, Michelangelo and High Renaissance, American art and Abstract Expressionism, Pollock, Rothko, Ad Reinhardt



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