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Robbs, Brett

Assoc Professor Emerita/Emeritus


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  • The key to solving intractable problems is to re-frame the situation in a creative way that allows fresh approaches to emerge. So I am interested in creative thinking and creative problem solving and how such habits of mind can be developed in students. As an advertising educator, I'm also interested in developing an advertising curriculum for the 21st century. I’ve published research identifying key changes in the industry and how they impact the advertising curriculum. I've documented areas of agreement and disagreement between professionals and educators and organized panels to help bridge the gap. I've also written about how the curriculum should be redesigned to prepare students to live in a world characterized by constant change. Finally, I've examined the impact of demographic changes - especially the rapid growth of the Hispanic market - and how the advertising curriculum can be reshaped to speak to these changes and help prepare students to live in a global society.


  • Pedagogy, curriculum issues, classroom techniques, career preparation, professional education, transformation of the advertising industry, impact of technology on advertising profession,