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  • Professor Tracey's long standing research interest is in the nature of cultural production.. He has recently refocused his long standing interest in the nature and condition of public service broadcasting. To this end he has completed two long essays on the BBC, the first dealing with John Reith and what he describes as the 'original intent' of the BBC, the second dealing with the BBC today and the way in which public policy developments are changing that intent. He has completed a book manuscript on post-war public broadcasting in Germany. He continues to do background research for the biography of Donald Baverstock. He is also interested in the relationship of cultural production to levels of literacy. In this context he has begun to write extensively about the condition of literacy and reading, particularly in light of the digital revolution and the fact of the immersion of children in multiple forms of technology and the implications for their development.


  • american popular culture, culture and literacy, public broadcasting, BBC, critical theory, media history


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