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Martin, Jennifer Mary Senior Instructor


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  • I continue to be involved in a research project (with Drs. Knight and Guild) in MCDB 1150. This project focuses on computer evaluation of student written responses to questions in a large lecture course. We are a part of a six-institution research group funded by NSF to engage faculty in the use of constructed assessment items. The main project goals are to a) administer the AACR items as formative assessments in biology courses, b) use the provided feedback reports to inform instruction, c) build both local and cross-institutional faculty learning communities to learn about and discuss the use of assessments, feedback reports and instructional resources. I am also part of a Faculty Learning Community with Drs. Knight, Fillman and Andy Martin from EBIO. This group works collaboratively to improve active learning in the lecture classroom but building class activities to do in the classroom.


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