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Boord, Daniel Olin

Professor Emerita/Emeritus


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  • While Professor Boord's moving-image work may be referred to as experimental, the adjective “experimental” describes something that evades traditional genres but that has ultimately become a genre with its own set of expectations. Boord often works at the fringes of art, ethnography, and documentary, and his creative work explores the idea that we are better prepared to welcome unfamiliarity if we suspend our predilection for the familiar. For example, his collaborative work 'Walter Benjamin at the Dairy Queen' does not offer a story, although it alludes to them. The product of ten years’ work in Texas, this video’s emphasis is an experience of places and their cadences, unencumbered by voice-over. The prompt for the video was Larry McMurtry’s comments about the apparent disappearance of local memory and storytelling in his hometown of Archer City, Texas. Growing from his creative research interests, Boord was the founding Director of the Stan Brakhage Center for the Media Arts and for a decade organized the Stan Brakhage Symposiums. He was also the founding Director of the Center for Documentary and Ethnographic Media. He was one of the principal authors of a Master of Fine Arts in Documentary in the Department of Critical Media Practices and the collaborative Master of Fine Arts film concentration in the Department of Art and Art History, while serving as the Director of the Film Studies Program.


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