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Pearce, Lonni Senior Instructor


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  • Much of Dr. Pearce's research stems directly from her administrative work in the PWR, such as her research on electronic portfolios and student learning / programmatic assessment, as well as her curricular work on hybrid courses. In addition, Dr. Pearce's research includes areas of rhetorical theory related to consumer culture and sustainability, focusing on the interplay of politics and economy in phenomena such as 'socially responsible' consumption. She is also interested in Science, Technology, and Society (STS) studies and the rhetoric of science, particularly public representations of science in mainstream media. Her primary motive for this research is pedagogical, as her work in these areas informs her teaching of first-year and upper-division writing courses themed around sustainability. She is also involved in campus efforts to support first-year students' wellbeing through faculty mentoring and strengths assessment programs.


  • first-year writing and experience curriculum and administration, portfolio assessment, rhetorics of consumer culture, sustainability and resilience, Science, Technology and Society studies (STS)