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Arnold, Mathew R Instructor


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  • My primary areas of research interest include neural mechanisms underlying anxiety and affective disorders, risk factors for the development and persistence of these disorders, such as inflammation, genetic predisposition, microbiome makeup and development of novel strategies for both the prevention and treatment of these disorders. A major focus of my work is on the role of the serotonin system in the production and maintenance of psychopathology. Specifically, I have quantified the expression changes in key serotonin system related genes in a variety of experimental paradigms including treatment and prevention a non-pathogenic, saprophytic bacteria with anti-inflammatory and immunoregulatory properties, anxiogenic drugs, knock-out models, circadian disruption, as well as a rat model of autism. Currently, I am focused on quantifying the involvement of the microbiome on changes of these genes in addition to quantifying how changes to the microbiome influences genetic changes.


  • Serotonin, psychopathology, microbiome, anxiety, depression, therapy


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