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Dunn, James M Associate Professor


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  • Mr. Dunn's research and creative work is largely focused on the creation and performance of various genres of music, mostly, but not limited to, the 'classical' area. As a tubist, Mr. Dunn tailors the research component of his assignment to focus primarily on the areas of performance and pedagogy. Specifically, he uses solo, chamber and large ensemble repertoire as the vehicle by which he satisfies the creative work component of his appointment. This includes presenting solo and chamber ensemble recitals and concerts at local,regional, national and international venues covering genres from classical to jazz to pop music. His interest in the art of pedagogy as it applies to individual and group instruction is rooted in strict adherence to classical pedagogical traditions tempered by some non-traditional techniques in an effort to meet the ever changing and ever more competitive fields of music performance and education.


  • performances of solo, chamber, orchestral and band repertoire at the highest professional level, teaching the art form to undergraduate and graduate music students, conducting and coaching chamber music ensembles



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