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Cypser, James R

Sr Research Associate


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  • Dr. Cypser's research uses the positive relationship between stress resistance and aging to identify new genes that modulate lifespan and age-related physiological decline (such as grip strength). While the maximum well-documented human life span is 122 years, much remains to be learned about 'healthspan', that is, the genes and environmental influences that make the difference between aging successfully or becoming a burden on the healthcare system prematurely. Genes that comprise drug targets for specific age-related diseases might be identified within the larger set that extends lifespan in model organisms. Dr. Cypser's work aims to find such genes.


  • Genetics of aging, using the mouse, fly, and nematode models; induced stress resistance (hormesis), the correlation between stress resistance and rate of aging, heat shock proteins, and the role of xenobiotics (as nutriceuticals) in postponing aging via the Nrf2 / skn-1 gene


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