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  • Dr. Kingston is the Director of the Center for the Study and Prevention of Violence (CSPV) at CU Boulder. Prior to serving as CSPV Director, she was the Director of the Adams County Youth Initiative, a countywide collaborative aimed at decreasing delinquency and substance use and increasing high school graduate rates. In this role, Dr. Kingston oversaw a 5-year $8.4 million Safe Schools/Healthy Students federal grant serving Adams County children, youth and families. Her research and professional interests focus on bridging the gap between research and practice to create and sustain social and physical environments that support healthy child and youth development. Dr. Kingston has published articles on the neighborhood influences on juvenile delinquency, the theory of differential oppression and adolescent problem behavior, Denver’s Child/Youth Friendly City Initiative, and the impact of playground renovations on children’s physical activity.


  • neighborhood studies, social disorganization theory, juvenile delinquency, positive youth development


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