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  • Annjeanette Wiese (Ph.D., Comparative Literature) researches narrative form and theory in relation to twentieth- and twenty-first-century literature. She recently published an article titled “Who Says? Problematic Narration in Paul Auster’s City of Glass” (special issue, “Experimental Literature and Narrative Theory,” edited by Brian Richardson, Frontiers of Narrative Studies 3.2 [2017]). Her scholarly book project focusing on truth and narrative in hybrid nonfiction/fiction is currently under review. She is now working on a project dealing with experimental forms of narration.


  • narrative theory, rhetorical theory, experimental literature, modern and postmodern literature


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courses taught

  • HUMN 1120 Introduction to Humanities: Literature 2 (Spring 2019)
  • HUMN 1110 Introduction to Humanities: Literature 1 (Fall 2018)
  • HUMN 1120 Introduction to Humanities: Literature 2 (Spring 2018)
  • HUMN 4170 Fiction and Reality: Literature, Science, and Culture (Spring 2018)
  • HUMN 4840 Independent Study (Spring 2018)
  • HUMN 4950 Honors Thesis (Spring 2018)


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