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Goodrum, Sarah

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  • Goodrum’s research examines criminal victimization, criminal behavior, and violence prevention. Her most recent research considers victims’ experiences with the criminal justice system and their recovery from the crime with a focus on people who have lost a loved one to murder. She has recently begun research in two additional areas, including the professional development of death penalty defense attorneys and the effect of police on school safety. In the past, Goodrum has examined the effect of gender and the threat of victimization on fear of crime. She has also studied male batterers’ perceptions of their violence, intimate partners, and themselves. Much of her research seeks to understand individuals’ perceptions of the situation, and the role that their perceptions play in social interaction, emotional expression, and social conflict.


  • violence prevention, criminology, sociology of law, qualitative and interpretive sociology, criminal victimization, homicide, victims' rights legislation, fear of crime, domestic violence


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