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Burr, Chrystie Assistant Professor


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  • Dr. Burr's research interests lie in Applied Microeconomics, broadly speaking, and span the areas of Environmental and Energy Economics, Industrial Organization, Public Economics, and Public Health. A common thread in her research is the application of microeconomic theory and econometric estimation for the study of topics that are relevant in daily life with a certain degree of urgency. In her paper, Subsidies and Investments in the Solar Power Market, she studies the welfare cost of various subsidy programs and costs associating with encouraging adoptions in the suboptimal locations. Using a dynamic framework, she is able to capture the forward-looking aspect of consumers' solar adoption decisions and to provide a quantitative analysis of the welfare costs. Her current research involves the study of oil and gas development in Colorado.


  • renewable energy technology, industrial organization, market power, consumer's dynamic decision making, solar photovoltaic system adoptions, efficient policy design, economics of corruption, economics of research and development, game theory, hydraulic fracturing process, local government finances



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