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Onyejekwe, Osita Eluemuno Lecturer


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  • Dr. Onyejekwe's research involves using multivariate regression models to estimate glacier changes as a means of explaining mountain glacier recession due to increased global temperatures. His model also predicts the location of glacier terminus over time, based on observed climate factors. Further, Dr Onyejekwe's research implemented a novel approach for noise reduction in signals corrupted with both gaussian and correlated noise via multi-scale kernel regression in conjunction with matched filtering. He then selected the bandwidth that yielded the highest Signal to Noise Ratio in order to estimate the unknown underlying signal. Dr. Onyejekwe also helped Burgio Enterprises Ltd; an Industry-Healthcare-Government-International research agency contribute to the company's first research finding on Degenerative Disc Disease in the Active Military Special Forces using a computerized data processing system to conduct a quadruple blind-study.


  • Climate Change, Mountain Glaciers, Statistical Analysis, Non-Parametric Regression, Multivariate Models, Signal Processing


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