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Kwaramba, Marcia Scholar In Residence


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  • My research over the past year has focused primarily on how “subsistence” entrepreneurs – individuals located in the BoP markets who are considered poor – go about participating in the markets in a sustained and meaningful manner against all odds. My core interests can be encapsulated in the following specific topics: (1) subsistence entrepreneurship, the market behavior of entrepreneurs in contexts of human poverty,(2) agricultural marketing systems, the evolution of a series of complex marketing exchange decisions that small farmers make within the context of marketing systems, (3) how social networks are instrumental for entrepreneurs in developing economies to tap into local markets and resources, (4) financial inclusion and mobile money, how mobile money can mitigate the problem of access to finance for “subsistence” entrepreneurs (5) value co-creation and mobile financial services


  • market access, market literacy, social capital, market participation, smallholder agriculture, financial inclusion


courses taught

  • BCOR 1015 - The World of Business
    Primary Instructor - Fall 2018 / Spring 2019 / Fall 2019 / Spring 2020
    Provides an overview of the nature business in a global economy. In addition to exploring the economic, governmental, social and environmental context in which businesses operate, students will discover how business creates value and takes advantage of opportunities and challenges. Using examples, cases and projects, students will learn about the business functions in an integrated format. Weekly discussion of current events will focus on entrepreneurship, ethics, international business, business and society, and other topics.


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