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  • Joshua's research explores what business teaches us about being human--and what it shows us about how we might become more fully human through exchange. More specifically, his work explores how sacrifice in business shapes human desire and understanding. Often, business cultivates attachment to private goods through sacrifice. Economically, sacrifice can take the form of a quid pro quo: I give up something I value to get something else I value even more. However, business can also cultivate detachment from private goods for the sake of the common good. But, in order for business to do so, its practitioners must reframe sacrifice as an offering of what is not theirs to grasp, made for the sake of a good that they share with those for whom it is made. Acknowledging sacrifice as a mindful offering of care, not simply the loss implied by an efficient tradeoff, opens new avenues for conceptualizing how business may catalyze social transformation in an age of unsustainable consumption.


  • corporate social responsibility, sustainability, social impact, philosophy of economy, philosophy of religion


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