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  • Assistant Professor, JILA
  • Assistant Professor, Physics

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  • Prof. Shuo Sun's research lies in the areas of quantum optics, nanophotonics, and experimental quantum information science. His group studies strong light-matter interactions at the quantum limit by coupling solid-state artificial atoms with nanophotonic structures. The large flexibility in the design of nanophotonic structures offers an effective knob to study new phenomenon in quantum optics and many-body quantum physics. The same platform will also enable chip-integrated quantum photonic devices, which will find important applications in quantum networking, quantum sensing and distributed quantum computing.


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courses taught

  • PHYS 1120 - General Physics 2
    Teaching Assistant - Fall 2020
    Three lect., one rec. per week, plus three evening exams in the fall and spring semesters. Second semester of three-semester introductory sequence for science and engineering students. Covers electricity and magnetism, wave motion and optics. Normally is taken concurrently with PHYS 1140. Degree credit not granted for this course and PHYS 1125.
  • PHYS 2150 - Experimental Physics 2
    Primary Instructor - Fall 2021
    One lect., one 2-hour lab per week. Includes many experiments of modern physics, including atomic physics, solid state physics, electron diffraction, radioactivity and quantum effects. Normally taken concurrently with PHYS 2130 or PHYS 2170, this course may be taken after PHYS 2130 or PHYS 2170.


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