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Khoshsokhan, Sina Assistant Professor


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  • Sina Khoshsokhan's research explores intellectual property (IP) rights and their role in the division of innovative labor. Employing quantitative methods, Sina examines how IP rights can shape innovative activities, with a focus on their differential impacts on entrepreneurial firms versus their established counterparts. Currently, through studying a sudden policy shift in the patenting of genomic compounds in the US, Sina is examining the impacts of upstream patents on downstream innovation. His findings suggest that while upstream patents can hinder product innovation in the downstream, particularly for entrepreneurial firms, they can facilitate the functioning of markets for technology. These findings contribute novel empirical evidence to a body of recent theoretical works on the horizontal and vertical division of innovative labor.


courses taught

  • BCOR 2304 - Strategic and Entrepreneurial Thinking
    Primary Instructor - Spring 2021
    Provides students with a set of critical thinking skills and theoretical tools to enhance students' abilities at strategic and entrepreneurial thinking. We examine the following topics: (1) What is Strategy and Entrepreneurship, (2) External Analysis and Porter's 5 Forces, (3) Internal Analysis and the Resource Based View, (4) SWOT Analysis, (5) Differentiation, Cost Leadership, and Blue Ocean Strategy. Credit not granted for this course and BASE 2101.


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