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Gulasekaram, P. (Deep)

Provost’s Professor


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research overview

  • My research generally focuses on immigration law and policy, with two specific scholarly foci. First, I research and publish on the constitutional rights of noncitizens, with a specific focus on the Second Amendment rights of noncitizens. Second, I research and publish on the constitutionality of state and local immigration regulation, described in academic discourse as 'immigration federalism.'


  • Constitutional Law, Immigration Law, Immigration Policy, Federalism, Second Amendment, Immigration Federalism, State and Local Immigration Policy, Sanctuary City



courses taught

  • LAWS 6005 - Constitutional Law
    Primary Instructor - Spring 2024
    Studies constitutional structure: judicial review, federalism, separation of powers; and constitutional rights of due process and equal protection.
  • LAWS 7065 - Immigration and Citizenship Law
    Primary Instructor - Fall 2023
    Covers legal issues pertaining to noncitizens of the United States, especially their right to enter and remain as immigrants and nonimmigrants. Topics include admission and exclusion, deportation, and refugees and political asylum. Approaches topics from various perspectives, including constitutional law, statutory interpretation, planning, ethics, history and policy.


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