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McCarroll, Meghan



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research overview

  • My research investigates community water literacy, or community water knowledge, attitudes and behaviors, as a tool within drought management. In particular, I specialize in water literacy during times of extreme drought or climate shocks, and how experiential gains in water literacy can be leveraged and maintained. I have researched this through case studies in Cape Town, South Africa, and Colorado, USA.


  • water literacy, sustainable water management, drought management


courses taught

  • ENVM 5018 - The Scientific Basis of Environmental Change
    Primary Instructor - Spring 2024
    Provides an overview of the science that underlies some of the most complicated global environmental challenges we face today. These include topics such as climate change, air quality, land management, agriculture, biodiversity loss and conservation, as well as the underlying biogeochemical, hydrologic, and ecological processes that are critical for understanding the changing environment. Previously offered as a special topics course.
  • ENVM 6100 - Special Topics for Master of the Environment Program
    Primary Instructor - Fall 2023
    A variety of topics not currently offered in curriculum; offered depending on instructor availability and student demand.